Anniversary Celebration Turned Surprise Wedding!

In honor of Pride Month, we would like to shine a little light on an anniversary celebration that turned into a surprise ceremony for a very deserving couple! We are so excited to get to tell a little bit of David and Carlos’ story and how honored we are to have been a part of it! These two became life partners and had a ceremony at the courthouse in the Fall of 2014. However, they had always wanted a wedding day that felt like a true celebration with their loved ones and that is when David reached out to us! Five years later, as an Anniversary gift, David planned a sweet surprise ceremony at our Wildwood Inn venue in Denton. Once Carlos arrived David placed a blindfold over his eyes and helped him down the patio to our romantic outdoor ceremony space and surprised him with the ceremony they had always dreamed about! The day was full of love and laughter and these two rode off into a horse-drawn carriage grand exit straight out of a fairytale. Couples like David and Carlos are why we do what we do. We are so happy these two got to have the celebration they deserve and wish them both a lifetime of happiness!