Let’s Thai the Knot! A Look Into a Gorgeous Traditional Thai Ceremony! | Aristide Flower Mound

We were lucky enough to witness an amazing, heartwarming, all around stunning Thai Wedding Ceremony at our Aristide Flower Mound location! After receiving some serious heart eye worthy photos from the photography duo, Gingersnap Studios (click the link, read their bio, they’re seriously amazing), we realized we had to read up on this meaningful ceremony and wanted to share our findings!

The portion we are specifically discussing is the water pouring ceremony. Depending on your families interpretation, the couple is seated on a ceremonial bench or at a table and a parent or elder family member will place a headdress around each of their heads. The headdress is typically joined by a single string, connecting the two as one.

The next step can be done prior to the ceremony or after the couple is seated; a parent of the couple or an elder family member will begin to mix white clay with the blessed water. This next portion is open to interpretation, our couple sat facing outward to their guests and each of their parents came up and rinsed their hands with the blessed water through gold encrusted conch shells while telling the couple their well wishes for their marriage. This is done to ensure good luck in their new marriage and joining the couple as one.

We were honored to have witnessed such a beautiful ceremony to honor two independent lives coming together, and choosing to join as one! We are lucky to get to see marriages be made every day but we thought this one, particularly, was something special to share.

Venue: Aristide Flower Mound // Photography: Gingersnap Studios // Bakery: Sweet Art Bakery // Floral: The Grand Poppy