The Big Fake Wedding 2019 at Monroe Pearson! Denton, TX Wedding Venue

Happy Friday! We’re certainly happy over here at Walter’s Wedding Estates as the news is out! We will be hosting the Dallas Big Fake Wedding event for 2019 at our very own Monroe Pearson! The Big Fake Wedding is taking the U.S. by storm, if you haven’t heard of this awesome bridal show alternative we insist you follow their Instagram immediately! A little insight about the event: it’s an alternative to bridal shows, where guests can purchase a ticket and attend a vow renewal of a real-life couple! Once the ceremony has concluded guests will make their way to the reception area which will be packed with the best of the best vendors from that area! It’s the perfect setting to get into those wedding feels and meet potential vendors for your own special day! What’s not to love?!

The theme of our Big Fake Event at Monroe Pearson located conveniently in downtown Denton was also announced: Havana-Heights

Visit the links listed to find out more information + get your tickets! We know they’ll go quickly and we want to see all of your beautiful faces there!