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We love to hear from our vendors, after all they help us out so much by providing services to all our wonderful weddings.

Woops! was the dream of four friends who stated in New York, and built a macaron empire!

The values at Woops! speaks volumes for their business. Take a look below and read all about Gloria Peters and her Woops! journey.


Simplicity – In design, operations, products, & service, we strive for simplicity. Our products are traditional without the fluff.

Quality – Our goal is to provide delicious top-quality products, along with the highest quality service and experience in the most authentic way.

Beauty – From our products & packaging, to store design and communication, all that we do must be beautiful, both visually and in it’s purpose.

Connection – To have the Woops! experience is to enjoy our products, share them with loved ones, and be involved in the community. We hope to connect with our customers in a meaningful way through in-store interaction and social media.

Playfulness – Life is too short to take things seriously. We enjoy ourselves and so should you. Woop! Woop!


1. What led you to this specific wedding industry?

It’s an honor to be able to serve someone on their special day and be apart of someone’s unforgettable moments. Nothing is more satisfying then seeing the face of another happy couple and being able to contribute to that smile.

2. What do you love most about being a _bride to be_? I love that I have my whole life to look forward to with the person I’m madly in love with!

3. What are your favorite wedding trends right now?

My favorite trend is how brides are incorporating more nature into their wedding using more greenery and wood. I fell as though the greenery and wood bring a refreshing and peaceful atmosphere to the wedding.


4. How long have you been in the industry?

Our company has been established since 2012 and we immediately tapped into the wedding industry. 


5. What makes you unique from other wedding vendors?

Every one of our macarons are made from our bakery in the Bronx, so this allows our brides to have a piece of New York here in Texas at their wedding.


6. Tell me about your most memorable and fun wedding/event.  We were setting up a macaron tower for a wedding and as soon as we were done setting it up it ended up being knocked over by a kid. All the macarons went every where and the bride was very upset, but we didn’t want her day to start off bad so we rushed back to our store to get more macarons to set up another tower. We were able to make it back in time and the bride was really grateful that we would provide her with a second set of macarons

7. Tell us one thing we might not otherwise know about you.  We get some of our ingredients imported from other countries such as Belgium, France, and the Netherlands.

8.  If you weren’t in your current field, what would you be doing?

I have always thought about becoming an interior designer because of the many possibilities and challenges that come along with that job. I love a good challenge 🙂


9.  What do you do when you aren’t working?

I am either doing one of two things, spending time with family or working on church related activities.

10. Do you have any special discounts or offers for Walters Wedding Estates brides at this time?
`We offer a 15% discount to all the couples that mention they are getting married at a Walters Wedding venue.

Be sure to visit WOOPS! on their website for a list of flavors and even more about them!