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We would like to share a story about someone affected by Hurricane Harvey, and what the team at Hidden Falls did to help.  We are so proud of the team and all that they did to help.  This is truly an amazing story.


When hearing about how hard Hurricane Harvey was hitting our fellow Texans we knew we needed to help in some way. Lindsay, our Senior Venue Director, has two daughters in daycare. On Monday, August 28th, Lindsay texted me explaining that Ryane’s teacher, Lauren, had just moved here from Rockport about 6 months ago and was going back for the weekend to help her friends in need and check on the damage to her own home. She was telling me how she used to work for a sheriff’s office and all of her friends from there were required to stay through the storm and have to remain there for disaster relief. She shared how they moved all the inmates from the jail to other cities and all the first responders were living in the jail.

We knew we wanted to help them in any way possible! I started a group chat with our whole Hidden Falls team letting them know the situation and asked them for any donation they felt comfortable with. Of course, the whole team was on board. Within an hour of sending the group chat to the team I had over $200. When the day had come to go shopping for supplies for the men in blue, I had over $300. Our team is a group of 8, so I was very pleased to see how everyone was so quick to donate and help. I went to H-E-B for food, then continued to Target to get some socks because Lauren let us know their feet were soaking wet and they needed clean socks. At their request, we also bought them hygiene products since they really didn’t have anything. I put all our donations in plastic bins and Melanie, one of our Assistant Venue Directors, took the donations to the school to give them to Lauren who then took the donations to Rockport this past weekend.

I am so amazed that we could quickly get donations and feel so honored that we could help. Lauren reached out to Lindsay on Saturday evening and she sent us a picture of one of the officers holding our thank you card with one of our plastic bins. She said “They are all so thankful for everything y’all have done. I’ve never seen someone’s face light up over pretzels, you all did something amazing for my blue family. We can’t thank you enough. My boys all had smiles during this awful time, it means the world to all of us.”

After seeing the messages exchanged between Lindsay and Lauren it made me feel so blessed and so grateful to be a part of such an amazing team. We did not do this for the “Thank you” — we did this because we know someone would have done it for us and it was the right thing to do.

Rockport Donation Photo


We would also like to thank everyone else who donated on behalf of the Walters Wedding Estates family.