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We followed up with the two Taylors who got married February 13, 2016.  Taylor Hernandez became Taylor Cook, alongside her husband Taylor Nelson-Cook.  The two have accomplished a lot in the time they have been married. We partnered with them to ask a few questions to see how they are doing since their big day.

-My husband, Taylor, and I got married at Aristide on February 13, 2016.

  1.    Where did you go for your honeymoon?

Cancun Mexico

  1.   What is the biggest change you’ve had to make as a couple?

We moved from Tyler, TX to Fort Worth, TX in August 2016 WHILE I was 4 months pregnant.

  1.   What has been the happiest moment you’ve shared since the big day?

The day our son, Liam, was born, February 3, 2017

  1.   Have you gotten any household pets?

We have two dogs! Duke & London. We got Duke two months after we got married.

  1.    Have you moved to a new place? Bought a house? If so, where?

We moved to Fort Worth and just signed a contract to build a house in West Fort Worth!

  1.   What is the craziest adventure you’ve had together so far?

We went to England in May of 2016 after my father-in-law passed away to take his ashes back to his homeland and went to all of his favorite spots, saw where he grew up and went to school and found out that we were expecting our first child!

  1.   What did you do for your one-year anniversary?

We just had a simple dinner since our son was born 10 days before

  1.   Do you have any children?  If so how old and what are their names? Are you expecting?

We have one son, Liam Dean Nelson-Cook, who is almost 7 months old.

  1.   What was your favorite part of the wedding day?

Our ceremony was very special. Just sharing it with all of our friends and family, seeing everyone have so much fun. To this day, we constantly hear about how beautiful our wedding was and how much fun everyone had! That’s a huge testimony to how wonderful Aristide is.

  1. If you could have changed anything about your wedding day, what would it be?

To dance more

  1.  What is your favorite date night?

Getting really dressed up and going to our favorite dinner spot then snuggling and watching a movie at home.

  1. Do you have any advice for other couples’ first year of marriage?

Hang in there.  It’s a tough year and sometimes it’s not because of one another but because of life and how things change and challenge you – face them together. Choose to love every day, even when it’s the hardest, choose to love.

Wow! It sounds like they have been busy.  It was so great to hear from such a beautiful couple.  We wish Taylor and Taylor all the best as they continue their journey through marriage.