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Do you want to have a wedding that’s remembered fondly by all of your guests? Of course you do! It’s your special day, it should be a happy memory to all who attend! But how do you make this happen? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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It is all about the reception. Think about it, this is where most of your time will be spent. This is where your guests will have the most fun. This is where most of your wedding memories will be made. This is YOUR celebration!


So you need to make those three or so hours count. They are supposed to be some of the most amazing hours of your life, after all! There are several things you can do to jazz up your reception so your guests will stay entertained. From creating the perfect playlist to having fun games for the kids, everyone on your guest list will be wowed at the greatness of your wedding day!

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There are some particulars to keep in mind, one being your cake. The first thing to think about is whether you want a cake at all. Maybe you want a little something different! You’ve seen traditional wedding cakes time and time again, but do you want something more? Consider, if you will, the naked cake. I had NO IDEA what that was until I read an article about it (silly me, I know),  but after checking it out, I was intrigued. A cake not covered in icing? That’s as unique as it gets in the cake world.

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Another thing to consider is your first dance. What song will be your trademark “just married” jam? Maybe you want to have the same song as  your favorite celebrity couple (I would personally love to use Prince William and Kate Middleton’s first dance song choice!). Or maybe you’d like to be original and use a song significant to your relationship. You can never go wrong with that!

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We know there will most likely be a professional photographer capturing your special wedding day moments, but what about the in-between moments? Like when your ring bearer is hanging out in the photo booth or when your best friend drags you on the dance floor to dance to your favorite song? Moments like these are worth capturing, so give your guests the pleasure of documenting your wedding with disposable cameras. You’re making memories, big and small, so why not let your friends and family help remember it all? Plus, they’ll have so much fun with it!

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But alas, the fun must end at some point. Cinderella had a curfew, and so do you and your guests. There is a set time to leave the Venue, and that time should be respected. There are ways you can end the reception without killing the good vibes you have going on, so no worries on that front! With a little help from your key family members, you can be sure to have everyone out on time with no trouble at all!

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The best advice that can be given about your reception is make sure you have what YOU want! It’s your day, you can have dancing, a photo booth and a popcorn station if you want! As long as you and your spouse are having fun, your guests will be sure to follow!

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