What’s your Wedding Hashtag? – Social Media Hashtag – Dallas and Fort Worth Wedding Venues – Walters Wedding Estates

Social Media Hashtags

Hashtags create searchable and clickable links on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Keywords can be used to identify photos from your event. This advancement in technology creates a stress free way to have a collection of photos and posts about your wedding, instantly!

So how does it work? You need to create a hashtag that is unique to you and your wedding! Our favorite hashtag is #waltersweddingestates! Which means if you search our hashtag you will find a multitude of photos from our venues on social media (Instagram, Pinterest, etc). For example, if you are Tim Miller and Sarah getting married on 5/25/15 maybe your hashtag could be #timandsarah525 or #thefuturemillers

A helpful tip is not to use spaces or characters.

So what do you do now that you have picked a hashtag? You use it! Put it everywhere so friends and family can share their excitement for your wedding day. Save the dates, wedding invitations, bridal shower invitations, we could go on! You can have a collection of photos of pre wedding events too like your bridal brunch or engagement party! When the big day comes, add it to a cute personalized chalkboard or on your programs! Remind your guests to snap away and before you know it you will have an instant collection of wedding photos.

This is perfect for having a unique perspective on your wedding day and events. You get to view candid images and moments you may have missed otherwise! Plus you get some bonus pics before receiving your professional photos from your photographer.

Happy Sharing!!!