TIPS and TREATS: Grooms, this one is for you!

stacy+sterling-prev_11Hey Grooms! I know a lot of times in the wedding world everything is focused on your beautiful bride to be but your role is very important too. Here are some helpful hints for you guys leading up to your wedding day:

*Arrange the Attire* Get those groomsmen set up for success and keep them in the loop about their attire. Send emails or text messages that include where to go rent their attire, deadlines for getting fitted, and even a map on how to get there. Include your future Mrs. on these emails so she has all the information. This will help your fiance check one more thing off of her list.

*Help with the Wedding Registry* It may not sound like fun to go around picking towels and washcloths but guys think about it, you get to run around the store with a scanner choosing items that you want/need. Wedding registries go beyond the bath and kitchen department. Think about other items you may need in the home like power tools, camping gear, grill tools, and even home electronics. When you go to register, stores will provide a catalog of common items added to registries to help guide you thru the store.

*Offer your Opinion* After all, it is your wedding day too. Now you may not care if the corsage is lilac or lavender but offer your opinion where it counts in the major milestones and decisions for your wedding. Help with the food menu (hey, you get to sample free food), planning with the photographer (these memories will last a lifetime), or even with picking the songs for the DJ.

*Surprise Sentiments*  Show your bride that you see her hard work with the wedding planning by sending her flowers or getting her a gift for the wedding day. Sweet notes or letters on the day of letting her know how much you appreciate her will make the wedding day even more special.

We are looking forward to your wedding day at Walters Wedding Estates!

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