The Dallas Bridal Show – Walters Wedding Estates – Dallas Wedding Venues

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This past Saturday and Sunday, Walters Wedding Estates attended the Dallas Bridal Show at Dallas Market Hall. The event was sponsored by Bridal Shows, Inc., and we could not have had more fun speaking with brides and the other amazing vendors who attended!

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We had two teams come to the show over the weekend, and they represented our five wedding venues: Aristide, Chapel at Ana Villa, Hidden Pines Chapel, Northeast Wedding Chapel and Wildwood Inn.


We caught up with some great people from Roe and White Photography! Their photographs are beautiful, and they would be a fantastic choice to capture your special day.


Radio DJs was also present for the show. They are the official DJs of the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, and they are bound to make your reception a party to remember!


We were so excited to see Absolute Photography! We’ve worked with them before, and they are so good at what they do. Our brides are always happy with their work!

Circle Park Bridal

Are you still looking for your wedding dress? Circle Park Bridal Boutique is a great place to check out! The ladies there are extremely helpful and are more than capable of making sure you’re well-dressed on your wedding day!

Brown Fox CreativeBrown Fox Creative is the place to go when finding your perfect invitations. There are so many styles and themes to choose from, you are bound to find one that suits you and your wedding!Sweet MemoriesWe were so excited to try the cake samples at the Sweet Memories booth! Not only are the cakes phenomenal, they look gorgeous, too!


We were so excited to see our friends at Epic Photography! Their photos are breathtaking, and we always love working with them!


We had such an amazing time talking with everyone who came to our booth and walking around to see the other vendors. We’re already looking forward to next year! We hope to see you next time!

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Andrea and Jonathan’s Special Day at Northeast Wedding Chapel – Walters Wedding Estates- Dallas Wedding Venue

Bride and Groom

On May 9th, Andrea and Jonathan gathered with their family and friends at Northeast Wedding Chapel, a Walters Wedding Estates venue. This happy couple was all about having a fun time on their special day!


Andrea and her bridesmaids had a blast preparing for their walk down the aisle! Wearing slate blue dresses, the bridesmaids were a gorgeous sight to be seen!


Jonathan and his groomsmen wore grey suits for the occasion, and Jonathan’s tie was creme and striped. It complimented his bride’s colors very well!


Andrea had a lace dress that was absolutely stunning! Her strappy sandals were a perfect fit for her summer wedding. She was dressed to impress on this very important day!


The ceremony was held in the Chapel, and it was absolutely gorgeous! Flower petals lined the aisle, and everyone present saw this happy couple vow to love each other forever. It was a beautiful thing to watch!

The ceremony was followed by the reception, and everyone was bound to have a great time! The tables were decorated with candlelit lanterns, and the cutting of the cake was a big crowd-pleaser!


Everyone was able to celebrate Andrea and Jonathan’s new beginning together as they ate and danced with the happy couple. We are honored Northeast Wedding Chapel was chosen to be the host on this magical day, and we wish Andrea and Jonathan all the best in their marriage!

BW Bride and Groom

Venue: Northeast Wedding Chapel

Photographer: Ashley Rutland Photography

Cake: C Marie’s Sweets

Florist: Andy’s Florals

Caterer: Yum Yum Catering

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Brooke and Jordan’s Chapel at Ana Villa Wedding – Walters Wedding Estates – Dallas Wedding Venue


The Chapel at Ana Villa, a Walters Wedding Estates venue, was the proud host of Brooke and Jordan’s wedding on June 20th, and it could not have been a more beautiful day for the bride and groom! The sun was shining, friends and family were present; it was the perfect day for a wedding!


We fell in love with Brooke’s veil. When the wind blew just right, it had a flowing angelic look that could take anyone’s breath away. She looked absolutely gorgeous!


Brooke’s dress had an A-line neckline and a train that was simply stunning. She chose coral as her accent color and had her bridesmaids hold bouquets of roses as they walked down the aisle.
RingsSomething we simply adored were the shirts the bridal party wore before the ceremony. They spelled out, “June 20, 2014,” and it gave everyone a letter or number to wear. Brooke, standing in for the comma, wore a shirt that said, “Bride.” It was such a great idea, and it turned out amazingly well!

Wedding Parties

The bridesmaids wore floor-length coral dresses that were complimented by their bouquets, and the groomsmen wore gray suits with coral ties and roses. Jordan set himself apart by wearing a white tie with a white rose.


Oh her wedding day, Brooke took the time to write a letter to Jordan and share her excitement and love for him before she walked down the aisle. It was such a sweet and romantic gesture!

CeremonyThe Chapel and the reception hall were beautifully decorated with roses that complimented the wedding party in an elegant way. The cake looked amazing! It had flowers on the tiers that were to beautiful to eat!


After celebrating their new marriage with their family and friends, Brooke and Jordan left to start their new life together as bubbles were blown during their exit. It was a cute way to end their special day! We are so happy for the newlyweds, and we wish them all the best in their future together. Thanks, Brooke and Jordan!


Venue: Chapel at Ana Villa

Photographer: Tucker Images

Videographer: When It Clicks

Cake: Sweet Art Bakery

Florist: Bella Flora

Caterer: Food Glorious Food

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Chris and Kristin’s 4th of July Wedding at Northeast Wedding Chapel – Walters Wedding Estates – Dallas Wedding Venue

Love Collage

What’s more patriotic than a Fourth of July wedding? Absolutely nothing! Chris and Kristin were married at Northeast Wedding Chapel, a Walters Wedding Estates venue, and  they are one of the couples who will have fireworks go off on their anniversary every year!


Kristin and her bridal party were all decked out in red, white and blue, and they looked amazing! Their blue dresses were complimented by red bouquets and high heels. The white came from Kristin’s gorgeous sweetheart wedding dress. They looked so beautiful walking down the aisle.


Chris and his groomsmen had their own way to show off their patriotism. They wore striped suits and navy ties that had stars on it. Adding a red rose was all it took to have an excellent interpretation of the American flag!

Kiss BW

Chris and Kristin celebrated their special day among family and friends. They had their own “fireworks” go off when they got to say “I do,” but the show was only visible to the happy couple.

Party Kiss

When they were put together, the wedding party meshed perfectly. They were so excited about their new marriage, and they could easily be the most patriotic wedding parties we have ever seen!


Chris and Kristin left their guests waving flags as they set out to begin their new life together. It was fitting to celebrate their unity on the Fourth of July as it marked a day where loyalty and unity changed lives for the better. We congratulate this couple and hope for all the best in the marriage! Thank you, Chris and Kristin!


Venue: Northeast Wedding Chapel

Photographer: Brittany Otwell Photography

Caterer: Rudy’s BBQ

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Chelsea and Austin’s Wedding Day at Aristide – Walters Wedding Estates – Dallas Wedding Venue

BW Bride & Groom

Chelsea and Austin were married at Aristide on June 6th in Mansfield, TX, and what a wedding it was! Family, friends, a cheesecake bar, this wedding had it all! Royal purple was the standout color chosen for an added effect, and it was a beautiful decision!

Cool Bridesmaids

Chelsea’s bridesmaids had gorgeous silver dresses that were complimented by the royal purple flowers in their bouquets. Their look was obviously completed by their stylish sunglasses- a look that will never get old!


Austin and his groomsmen shared some laughs on their walk around Aristide, a Walters Wedding Estates venue. His purple tie added a pop of color amongst the men, and it definitely worked in his favor. Their good moods from their walk down the aisle would carry on into the night when the festivities began!

Collage 2

Two of the cutest members of the wedding party were by far the ring bearer and the flower girl. He had a security guard look as he cruised down the aisle, and she looked absolutely adorable in her white ruffled dress and royal purple bow. So precious!

Lighting a Candle

To mark the beginning of their unified life together, Chelsea and Austin lit a unity candle during their ceremony. The flame symbolizes a love that will never stop burning, which was perfectly suited for this happy couple.


Chelsea and Austin both looked amazing as they vowed to love and honor each other for the rest of their lives. When the ceremony came to a close, it was time to celebrate their marriage with the people who mattered most to them!

Father Daughter Dance

The Father-Daughter dance was extremely memorable for all the guests! This shows how lively Chelsea’s personality is, and it set the tone for the rest of the evening. A fantastic time was had by all!

Pretty Hair

Chelsea and Austin had a beautiful and memorable wedding that were highlighted by entertaining moments. We hope for all the best in their marriage! Best wishes, Chelsea and Austin!

Venue: Aristide

Caterer: Oliver’s Fine Foods

Cake: Calling All Cakes

Photographer: Stacie Tatum Photography

Videographer: Inspired Effect

DJ: DJ Connection

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Mikayla and David’s Special Day at Chapel Ana Villa – Walters Wedding Estates – Dallas Wedding Venue


On June 14, Mikayla and David celebrated their special day at the Chapel at Ana Villa in The Colony, TX. A beautiful afternoon filled with love and commitment turned into an evening gleaming with happiness as the couple’s family and friends gathered to celebrate the newlyweds.

On this special summer day, the bridesmaids were dressed in blush, floor-length dresses. They were complimented by bouquets of hydrangeas, roses and greenery. This combination was absolutely stunning!


The groomsmen wore black tuxedos, and this made David stand out! Every groom should have a defining feature that sets him apart from everyone else, and David chose to wear a blue tuxedo. This was a bold move on his part, and he pulled it off exceptionally well!


Mikayla and David chose to be married in the Chapel at Ana Villa a Walters Wedding Estates venue, and in doing so, they were privy to beautiful photo opportunities and gorgeous places for both of them to prepare for their big moment.

Mikayla and David Collage

Their ceremony took place in front of family and friends, and they left the chapel hand-in-hand. They were on their way to begin their new life together!


The reception was filled with eating, laughter and dancing. The reception hall was decorated with strands of light that provided a luminous glowing effect. It was the perfect way to celebrate a new marriage as happy as this one.


We are absolutely honored to have been the host of such a momentous occasion, and we wish all the best to the happy couple! Thank you, Mikayla and David!


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Walters Wedding Estates Current Promotions – Dallas Wedding Venues – Aristide – Chapel at Ana Villa – Hidden Pines Chapel – Northeast Wedding Chapel – Wildwood Inn

Walters Wedding Estates is running some great specials for your 2015 wedding!

Walters Wedding Estates - Dallas Wedding Venues

Applies to New Bookings Only. Contact us today to set up your personal tour. We can’t wait to host your wedding at Walters Wedding Estates.

~ Hidden Pines Chapel promotions for September only ~

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